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Studying abroad is likely to be an exciting, enriching and fulfilling experience but initially may also feel daunting and at times overwhelming.  New international students have to adapt to a new place, new culture and perhaps a new language, all at the same time.

We offer a policy of medical and travel insurance for UK students studying anywhere in the world, policies for overseas students coming to study in the UK and policies for students worldwide who want to study anywhere overseas.

Our insurance plans offer fully comprehensive policies backed up by MSH International who provide the 24/7, 365 days help and claim line assistance in whichever country you are studying.

With 4 regional offices, 10 serviced offices, multi-linguistic help claim line staff, 860,000 medical providers, you will not find a better priced, essential insurance cover for students studying abroad. All this secure in the knowledge that it is underwritten by Lloyd's of London, rated A+ by Standard & Poor's Ratings Agency. 


Medical insurance is essential: you’ll need to make sure you get the right cover. It’s a good idea to get a broad policy, covering everything from small injuries to emergency flights home.


Even if you are entitled to free NHS treatment whilst in the UK, you should consider taking out insurance which covers other medical-related costs. An insurance policy may cover, for example:

lost fees if you are unable to complete your course;
costs of returning home if a relative is ill;
costs of a relative visiting you in the UK if you fall ill;
cost of returning to your home country for treatment;
or in the worst possible situation, returning a body home for burial.

There is often a long wait for NHS treatment, sometimes many months. An insurance policy which gives you access to private medical care could give you much quicker access to the treatment you need.



Do I Need Health Insurance?

If a health premium seems too high for your budget, or if, as a healthy young person, you think that health insurance is an unnecessary expense, consider the costs that could be incurred. If you are seriouslyinjured or become ill while in the US, hospitals, doctors and other medical costs vary throughout the country, but emergency room care averages a minimum of about $200 per visit not including any charges or services. The cost of hospital rooms vary as well, but currently one overnight stay in a hospital room can cost around $1,000, again not including charges for doctors and other medical services.

In other words, think twice about not taking out health insurance.

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