Studying In the United States

The USA has the worlds largest international student population with the UK sending 10,743 students and over 950,000 overseas students per year in total.

The USA is a great country for overseas students to go and broaden their experience and continue their education. With one of the finest university systems in the world, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate, you will find excellent programs and unbridled teaching expertise to help achieve your goals.

Studying in the USA has many rewards but navigating your way through the requirements can be arduous and confusing. All colleges and universities within Canada and USA make having a medical insurance policy throughout your period of study a condition of obtaining a place at their education establishment. That is why at insure2study we have come up with the perfect overseas student medical and travel insurance policy that will give you that piece of mind that will help you focus on your studies without the worry should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

Our overseas students insurance policy has been carefully formulated to cover all requirements of all the colleges and universities within Canada and the USA at a premium that is both manageable and affordable which means that you do not need to purchase the university insurance policy, saving you $000’s.

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